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Working the Future

Workshops & masterclasses

Making sense of increasingly fluid landscapes is hard...

... Just when you think you’ve got your head around one set of changes, something else comes along. Our human brains aren’t designed to deal with this amount of complexity.​

Working the Future


That's why we created our workshops. Each workshop has been designed to provide a holistic overview of the landscape in which we now find ourselves, along with insight as to the interconnectedness of the challenges that we face.


Our interactive sessions encourage delegates to reflect on, and make sense of, their specific work environments to facilitate the next step of any scenario-planning endeavours they're undertaking. 

Workshop: Introduction to the Future of Work​


Hearing lots about the future of work but wondering what it means for you and your organisation?­ 


Over the next five years and beyond, our working lives will transition in ways we’d never have imagined as little as 10 years ago. The emerging way we work in the 21st century will look significantly different to what we are used to.  


What’s driving this transformation and how will it impact you? Discover more.


Working the Future

Workshop: Building a talent eco-system for commercial success in the 21st Century


As business landscapes continue their relentless transformation, the way we hire, engage and retain talent will look significantly different in the future.


Traditional methods of hiring, developing, retaining and engaging staff are no longer fit-for-purpose in a world full of disruption and where expectations are changing about what we want from our working lives. Explore the key factors influencing the changing behaviour of workers, the changing nature of work itself, and how to start building resilient and sustainable talent ecosystems fit for 21st Century commercial success. Discover more. 


Working the Future

Workshop: Skilling up for the Future of Work


Technology is bringing efficiency to all corners of our workplaces.


As Digital Transformation assumes repetitive and routine tasks, humans will have the opportunity to do radically different, and significantly more creative work to what we've known previously.


This work will require very different skills - but what are these skills and how can we develop and hone them? Discover more. 


Working the Future

Workshop: The Transformation Myth – How to succeed with your digital transformation strategy

We are at a game-changing point in commercial history. Constant change is the new normal.


Over the next five years, the reduced cost and increased availability of new technology will create huge efficiency and change the way we do business forever. The future of work will be largely shaped by the continuous adoption of technology designed to reduce cost and improve user experience. Against this backdrop, what will be the core ingredients for transformational success or for re-energising a flagging change programme? Discover more. 

Working the Future

Workshop: The future of learning and development

Technology is transforming how we do things across every aspect of our lives, not least in the workplace.


In the next five years, advances in technology will lead to widespread workplace automation, and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies that will entirely change the nature of the work that people do. Our workshop provides a clear understanding of the shifts that will impact the future organisation, as well as the ways in which learning and development must evolve as a future-proofing mechanism. Discover more. 

Working the Future

Solopreneur Masterclass

Thinking about running your own business? Looking to work more flexibly? Considering your options after a corporate career?


As more people ‘go it alone’, a shift in perspective is required in order to survive – and thrive – in these brave new work landscapes. Yet adapting to a new way of working AND building a viable business pipeline is often exhausting, time-consuming and hard to measure. By tackling some of the ‘dos and don’ts’ of self-employment we help fast-track our delegates to better commercial outcomes. Discover more. 

Working the Future

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