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Workshop: The Transformation Myth – How to succeed with your digital transformation strategy


We're at a game-changing point in commercial history. Over the next five years, the reduced cost and increased availability of new technology will create huge efficiency and change the way we do business forever.


The future of work will be largely shaped by the continuous adoption of technology designed to reduce cost and improve user experience.  Constant change is the new normal.


The history of business transformation is mired with failure, however. A 2016 article published by McKinsey reported that “70% of complex, large-scale change programs don’t reach their stated goals.”


While reasons for failure are varied, often times a failure to engage key stakeholders and bring them on the transition journey is a primary cause of atrophy.


Our workshop is designed and delivered by experts with a long-standing track record of transformation rescue and turnaround. Grounded in insight gained from real-world transformation experience, this workshop will provide you with a deeper understanding of:

  • Why continuous change is the new normal
  • The key ingredients for change success
  • The psychology of change
  • How to deliver business outcomes that matter


What will you gain from attending?

    You'll take a look at real-world case studies of transformation failures and subsequent turnaround, analysing where and why things stalled and examining the interventions that got change programmes back on track. Using interactive exercises, you'll have the opportunity to ask your transformation questions to one of the UK’s leading experts in this field, in order to both better plan your transformation journey and gain ideas for how to keep your transformation programme on track.


    You'll come away with an enhanced understanding of the core ingredients for transformational success, alongside some tips for re-energising a flagging change programme.


    Who is this workshop for?

    CEOs, CIOs, CTOs, Transformation Leads, HR Leads, and anyone else proactively engaged in organisational change and future-proofing.


    About your Facilitators

    Helen Crosby: Helen has spent the last 19 years working in the field of business transformation and transformation turn-around. She brings with her a vast array of real-world experience and optimally blends a range of change methodologies to deliver results that are proven to work.


    Cat Barnard: Cat is an expert on the future of work and the systemic complexity of trends that are altering the way we, as humans, think about work. These trends manifest as behaviours that impact the way change is perceived and accepted in the workplace.



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