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Strategic narrative

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Data points matter – perhaps more than ever in a world where the ‘truth’ can increasingly feel like an elastic concept – but stories are helpful and persuasive tools for transforming our worldviewsThere’s also a raft of evidence out there to suggest that most of the decisions we make are based more on emotion than on fact.

Working the Future

Corporate storytelling – the telling of your company story – is an effective way for your business to differentiate itself and achieve genuine standout, particularly when looking to hire and engage talent. Engage for Success, the UK-based voluntary movement that promotes employee engagement cites ‘strategic narrative’ as one of four key enablers that help to embed engagement, commitment,and productivity. 


As the workplace increasingly disrupts and transforms, attracting and retaining the right people for your business will be key to future commercial success. Recent research suggests that individuals increasingly favour working with organisations whose core values resonate with their own. For employers, as the labour market becomes increasingly fluid, sharing company purpose, values and vision will become a core means of building worker loyalty and commitment.


This is where strategic storytelling comes in. By telling the story of your business in a way that succinctly reflects your values and vision, and by sharing this with current and future talent, your business will build a more compelling brand following. 


Combining our recruitment, talent engagement, marketing and branding experience, we write corporate stories and strategic narratives to accentuate the uniqueness of your business to drive both worker engagement and investor interest. 

Below, you'll find a couple of links to some examples of recent strategic storytelling assignments we've carried out for clients. If you'd like to find out more about how Working the Future can help you to better convey your unique story, please do email us.

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