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A bit of background...

Cathryn and Patrick first met as students at the University of Reading in the late eighties, where they bonded over a love of early E.D.M. and French literature... Nearly three decades later,  they share another passion – the future of work – and that the skills and expertise developed during the course of their professional lives complement each other perfectly when it comes to bringing their insights and knowledge to a wider audience.


Cathryn Barnard

Cathryn has always been fascinated by how humans communicate. A degree in modern languages helped to surface an awareness that communication is both verbal and non-verbal. This understanding and a deep interest in how and why humans behave as they do have underscored a successful career in recruitment and workforce planning - Cathryn’s first staffing business scaled to a £3-million-turnover company.


The way we work today is on the cusp of seismic change that will fundamentally shift our entire approach. Cathryn’s passion for the future of work is fuelled by a belief that, whilst disruptive, these changes present an enormous opportunity for humans to work in ways that provide more fulfilment and satisfaction than is the current norm.  


Patrick Lodge

Patrick is a futurist and emerging trends expert, with a particular passion for generating strategic intelligence applicable to all forms of upstream future-planning activity. The work he does in this area is designed to help clients better anticipate the socio-cultural change likely to impact their businesses, and to translate the key implications and opportunities emanating from the changing world into actionable strategic imperatives.

For over 14 years, Patrick has been working with Breaking Trends™, an acclaimed global trends consultancy that has built a solid reputation for generating future-focused market and business intelligence. During that time, he has worked with a host of brands and businesses, including BMW Group, the BBC, BSkyB, City Football Group, E.ON, Fremantle Media, HarperCollins, McDonald’s, and Virgin Atlantic, helping them to achieve a better understanding of the future. He is also a copywriter and marketing content specialist.

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