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Key Future of Work trends & themes

Shifts and undercurrents that are emerging in certain nodes of our lives are having a significant and unprecedented impact on the future of work...

... These are substantially influencing the ways in which it is likely to evolve in the near, medium and longer term.


At Working the Future, we carry out our own expert analysis of the rapid pace of change that is occurring across key over-arching themes, some of which we've listed here. We carry this out on an almost constant basis, to ensure that the future of work insights and knowledge that we share with our clients are always on-point and relevant to their requirements, helping them to keep ahead of the curve. 

If you'd like to find out more about how Working the Future can help you, please email us.

Advances in technology​
  • Massive advances in automation, AI & robotics
  • Leaner, more efficient 'digital' organisations
  • Faster innovation cycles driven by customer feedback loops
  • The rise of open-source and greater collaboration
  • Facilitation and destabilisation of global workforces
  • Rising threat of job obsolescence
 The end of nine-to-five


  • The end of the standardised working week
  • More flexible, tailored working arrangements to drive work-life ‘blend’
  • The rise of self-employment
  • The rise of job fragmentation
  • The rise of the intrapreneur
  • Focus on mastery / expertise / inimitable skills and the rise of self-branding
  • Increased work precarity


Transformative social change​
  • A transition in attitude towards working
  • Emerging generational cohorts drive disruption in the workplace
  • A move towards doing more with less
  • The end of mass consumption and the rise of experientialism
  • Workers become more localised
  • Increased remote working
  • The rise of the gig-economy and 'on-demand' talent
Inter-generational working​
  • Key attitudinal differences to work & leadership across generational cohorts
  • Increased longevity and longer working lives
  • Workplace implications as retirement ages increase
  • Pension shortfalls lead to increases in baby boomers at work
  • Inter-generational workplace tensions
  • New working models
  • Rise of the 'encore career'
Global connectivity​​

  • Workplace implications of a globalised and connected world
  • Access to information, education, learning and knowledge improves
  • Unprecedented challenges arising from emerging economies
  • Improved workplace diversity drives competitive edge
  • Increased global competition for work
  • Workers increasingly owning 'means of production'​

The rise of ethical businesses​​​
  • The shift from traditional capitalism
  • Entrepreneurs and workers seeking to solve global societal and environmental problems
  • The rise of business transparency
  • Growth of values-based businesses
  • The rise of the 'triple bottom line'
Climate change and resource depletion​
  • Increasing fuel costs drive remote working
  • Business and consumers resigned to doing 'more with less'

  • The rise of environmentally efficient and sustainable business

  • Increased social collaboration to solve global challenges

  • The rise of the environmental migrant

  • The rise of urbanisation


Organisational design re-booted​
  • Increased focus on organisational agility to drive innovation and progress
  • The arrival of more fluid and transient organisational structures
  • The end of hierarchy and the rise of holacracy
  • The rise of peer-to-peer collaboration
  • The advent of crowd-working


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