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Workshop: The Future of learning and development 


Technology is transforming how we do things across every aspect of our lives, not least in the workplace. In the next five years, advances in technology will lead to widespread workplace automation, and the introduction of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotic technologies that will entirely change the nature of the work that people do.


As workplace technology takes on routine and repetitive tasks, humans have the opportunity to become wholly more creative as the organisation seeks out new ways to provide value to its client base. This transformation requires a total shift in the way that learning and development is approached, both by the organisation and by each of us as learners.


In this workshop, we take a look at:


  • The traditional role of organisational learning and development
  • The future of work and its impact on learning and development
  • Introducing the lifelong learner and the age of “Perpetual Newbie”
  • The future learning organisation; learning embedded as culture


What will you gain from attending?

    You will come away with a clear understanding of the shifts that will impact the future organisation and how learning and development must evolve as a future-proofing mechanism. We provide further reading and viewing material and you will meet like-minded individuals committed to creating better workplaces and with the option to join a networked community within which to share continuous learning.


    Who is this workshop for?

    Professionals engaged in HR, learning and development (including executive coaching), talent management, leadership development and organisational design.  It is also relevant for anyone committed to lifelong learning.


    About your Facilitators

    Paul Jocelyn: Paul is a former head of global capability and learning for one of the UK’s largest retailers. He now helps leaders to create the conditions needed for continuous learning and better work.


    Cat Barnard: Cat is on a personal mission to dispel the notion that learning only happens in school. She believes continuous learning is the key to success in the future of work.



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