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Workshop: the future of learning and development 


When:   Thursday 10 October 2019, 10:00 – 16:30

Where:  Remark! Events, 18 Leather Lane, London, EC1N 7SU

Price:      Early bird (until 10 September)  £395.00 | Standard (from 11 September)  £425.00                




The pace and complexity of 21st Century business are constantly accelerating - technology innovation, globalisation and new customer, and employee expectations are transforming the workplace.


As workplace technology takes on routine and repetitive tasks, humans have the opportunity to become wholly more creative as the organisation seeks out new ways to provide value to its client base. This transformation requires a total shift in the way that learning and development is approached, both by the organisation and by each of us as learners.


::  This means constant pressure for organisations to reset and renew business models.

::  All industries will need to 're-skill' and 'up-skill' at a rate and scale never required before, so as to benefit from new technologies, avoid ‘skills obsolescence’, and thrive in a new commercial age of continuous innovation.

::  This landscape drives the need for radical transformation in the way that workplace ‘learning and development’ is prioritised and led within organisations. The 21st Century requires a continuous learning approach that plays to how humans optimally learn at work.

 ::  This is a 'human' opportunity - the L&D profession as a catalyst and leader of culture change.


The Future of Learning and Development Workshop

This workshop is for workplace L&D leads. It is a deliberate step away from the current standardised ‘learning intervention’ culture, and a shift toward the creation of bespoke learning strategies, that will serve you, your business, and the people who matter most within it.


Our workshop is for you if:

::  You're an ambitious L&D leader who recognises that the world of work is changing, and that there’s a significant opportunity to ride the crest of that change, maximising your impact on workplace learning and performance.

::  You recognise that learning isn’t just ‘instructional’ anymore - but you’re wrestling with the ongoing challenge of developing, leading and measuring a ‘continuous learning culture’.

::  You're open to the critical role for organisational learning and development as a catalyst for innovation, engagement and change - and you’d like practical support on what that means for you and your team.


You'll learn:

    ::  Why a change in approach is required: we look at the History of Work, the Now of Work and the Future of Work, and what that means for learning in your organisation

    ::  Why your organisation now needs L&D to lead

    ::  How to re-define 'L&D' success for your organisation and your team

    ::  How to develop a business case for shifting L&D's approach away from managing ‘content’ and ‘interventions’ towards leading embedded, continuous learning for performance

    ::  Why only supporting control and standardisation is a risky approach

    ::  Why most learning 'strategies' are often simply 'action lists'

    ::  How to think about the work in your organisation (not 'learning')

    ::  Why you already have a learning culture (and why that isn't currently helping)

    ::  How to spot the cultural challenges that get in the way of continuous learning

    ::  How great learning organisations share some common features - that will work in your organisation too

    ::  How 'digital learning' has nothing to do with the technology

    ::  And, how to not get stuck in a rut, and try new things


    About your Facilitators

    Paul Jocelyn: Paul comes from the same background as you. He previously built his corporate career with one of the UK's most successful retailers, ending up as global head of capability and learning for a key business unit.


    Paul's seen first-hand the commercial implications of what happens when training and programmes are designed for fixed skills to support fixed jobs. He knows what can happen when the business persists with out-dated practices of developing content and tracking compliance and completion. Or when it becomes over-reliant on learning tools and technologies.


    Recognising that organisational learning needs an entire upgrade, today Paul works as an independent consultant, helping UK business shift towards embedded continuous learning, to meet the requirements of the 21st Century commercial landscape.


    Cat Barnard: Cat is a partner at Working the Future, where she analyses the multiple trends transforming our workplaces, and helps UK businesses build future-proofing strategies for 21st Century commercial success. A huge fan of the Growth Mindset, Cat believes continuous learning is a key ingredient for future-proof organisations.


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