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The Future of Work | Working the Future
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© Working the Future Ltd. 2016-2024. Limited company no. 10512378 registered in England and Wales

 Registered office address: 42 Longfield Drive, Amersham, Buckinghamshire, HP6 5HE, United Kingdom

Working the Future, the Working the Future logotype and the arrowhead device are all registered trademarks of Working the Future Ltd.

Working the Future future of work consultancy & workforce planning

We leverage expert-mediated trend intelligence to act as critical thinking partners for clients who want their businesses to be future-ready. We help business leaders identify the strategic implications, risks and opportunities arising from the rapidly shifting human relationship with work.

Commercial landscapes are changing faster than most of us can keep up with. Technology innovation accelerates globalisation, creating sizable buisiness advantage. Yet in parallel, these markets forces create undercurrents that are altering the entire oeprating dynamics of markets and economies. 


Keeping ahead of this molten landscape is now a leadership imperative, if sustainable growth, innovation and competitive advantage are to be achieved.


While future workplaces will be increasingly technological, the game-changing commercial opportunity lies at the human interface.  With most traditional HR practices now outdated, the COVID-19 pandemic presents the opportunity to entirely rethink, redesign, and reboot how we work, for enhanced organisational outcomes. 


So, what's different about our consultancy services?

Well, for starters, our approach is entirely human-centric and grounded in the science of what motivates people.


​We recognise the power and potential of team dynamics, and a deep interest in human behaviour underpins all we do. With a proven record of building high-performing, on-demand and agile work teams, our solutions are grounded in what we know works.  As a result, our clients report higher levels of staff loyalty, engagement and enhanced workforce performance. ​

Future of Work | Working the Future

21st Century Workforce Planning 


We help ambitious organisations to:


:: Build an authentic employer brand - essential in today’s fast-paced and employee-led labour markets


:: Plan their agile workforce - modern workforces must mirror the pace at which markets shift and evolve 


:: Rethink job design - dynamic markets demand continuous upskilling and re-evaluation of both ‘job’ parameters and organisational design


:: Hire for attitude - embracing mindset attributes like curiosity and learning agility are the new workforce prerequisites


:: Customise flexible working - the pandemic has seen an end to standardised working patterns. Work is increasingly results and outcomes-focused ​


21st Century Workforce Optimisation 


In addition to the above key planning endeavours, we help clients to:


:: Create on-boarding ‘experiences’ - ‘employee experience’ now sits at the heart of successful hiring and retention


:: Maximise workforce potential - continuous learning in the flow of work is key to long-term organisational sustainability


:: Optimise workforce agility - leveraging the 'on-demand' workforce enhances organisational adaptability 


:: Enhance engagement & wellbeing - where engagement remains low, smart, future-proof organisations prioritise wellbeing for optimal business performance 


:: Off-board well - robust offboarding approaches enable boomerang working, workforce agility and organisational fluidity



Every single organisation is unique, of course. And every single member of your team is unique. By factoring in these differences, we leverage the full benefit of diversity of perspective, building you the right solution, tailored for your organisation.


If you’d like to discover more about how we help organisations like yours, contact Cathryn or Patrick today to arrange a chat.

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