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Client projects

Why partner with Working the Future?

... Below we list the areas in which we bring genuine value and cut-through, as well as some of the client projects with which we've recently been involved.

Working the Future

Reasons to work with us

  • We’re experts and specialists in the future of work
  • We’re committed to creating joyous places to work, that instil a feeling of belonging and purpose to ALL stakeholders within the eco-system – key ingredients for 21st Century commercial success
  • We’re joined on our journey by like-minded professionals who bring their niche experiences within human performance development, and we are all committed to building a better future of work
  • We’re professional and flexible, with a deep understanding of business (having run our own for over 20 years), and are committed to quality through our belief in continuous improvement
Working the Future

Recent award-winning client project


Creating an award-winning organisational wellbeing approach


We’re delighted to report that one of our clients, Hydrock, recently won an industry award for its approach to Health and Wellbeing in the workplace. This is particularly joyful for us as we were asked to facilitate the kick-starter workshop for its wellbeing programme, which we delivered in January 2019.


Our approach was simple, yet ultimately effective.


We 100% believe that groups of people, aligned around a shared goal and vision are capable of creating extraordinary results.  We believe this will be a key success criterion for organisational sustainability in the future of work.

Hydrock’s 22 wellbeing champions were brought together from regional offices all over the UK. We helped to design a workshop that explored what wellbeing really means in the context of life, and work, in the 21st Century; so important as modern boundaries around work and life continue to blur.

Doing what we do best at Working the Future, we used data-driven insights about the world of work, helping the teams to explore the various factors that exacerbate stress and anxiety. Crucially, the team also shared stories and experiences of what wellbeing meant for them. Finally, we facilitated a group brain-storming session to identify simple and effective wellbeing interventions designed to build connection and a sense of belonging in the workplace, and that the team felt they’d be able to introduce and implement.

Other recent client projects

  • Analysis and documentation of the key psychological attributes and behaviours required by a UK B2B business consultancy for continued commercial success. Review and update of incumbent recruitment methodology to incorporate screening for these emergent behaviours
  • Introducing the core Future of Work trends to a leadership development programme for a leading UK CommTech company
  • Introducing core Future of Work trends for organisational future-proofing for a regional leadership accelerator programme
  • White paper on the importance of diversity within the future of work ​​
Working the Future
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