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Workshop: Building a talent eco-system for commercial success in the 21st Century‚Äč


As business landscapes continue their transformation, the way we hire, engage and retain talent will look significantly different in the future.


Traditional methods of hiring, developing, retaining and engaging staff are no longer fit-for-purpose in a world full of disruption and where expectations are changing about what we want from our working lives.


Our one-day workshop explores the key factors influencing the changing behaviour of workers and the changing nature of work itself. We take a close look at how to start building resilient and sustainable talent ecosystems fit for 21st Century commercial success.


What will you gain from attending?

You will build a deeper understanding of:

  • The changing nature of attitudes towards work
  • The evolution of “on-demand” talent and emerging organisational structures
  • How to build a sustainable and resilient talent eco-system that works for your organisation and ALL of its stakeholders


Who is this workshop for?

This workshop is designed for anyone involved in hiring or talent management and development. It is open to internal hiring teams, RPO’s, agencies and other HR professionals interested in the future of workforces and the future of work.


    When and where is it?

    ·      xx Xxxx 2018, at xxxxxxx


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