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Workshop: Introduction to the Future of Work

Overview of the key trends and shifts set to disrupt and transform our commercial landscapes

Hearing lots about the future of work but wondering what it means for you and your organisation


Workplaces now face disruption at such an unrelenting pace that the World Economic Forum calls this “the speed of now”.


Over the next five years and beyond, our working lives will transition in ways we’d never have imagined as little as 10 years ago. The emerging way we work in the 21st century will look significantly different to what we are used to.  


But what’s driving this transformation and how will it impact your workplace and your workforce?


Our one-day introductory workshop includes an analysis of:


  • Emerging technology (automation, AI and robotics) and its impact on people at work
  • New employment models: the rise of self-employment, flexible working and the gig economy
  • The future of learning – business as a learning organisation
  • The looming pensions deficit and its impact on working age
  • The future of organisations and future organisational structures­­


Who is this workshop for?

This course is an essential introduction to the future of work for business leaders and strategists, HR Professionals, executive coaches and change-makers.


What will you gain from attending?

You’ll come away with deeper understanding of the key drivers behind the changes taking place across our commercial world, and in a position to start thinking about how you can contribute towards future-proofing your organisation. Our background material provided substantiates the theory behind the course design, providing tangible evidence for why now is the time to start thinking about the future of work.


When and where is it?

·      xx Xxxx 2018, at xxxxxxx


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